Successfull Quality- and Sustainabilitymanagement


The sustainability program of Golf-Club Main-Taunus is a shining example of the symbiotic relationship between golf and nature. From the time our beautiful 18-hole course was built, the needs and requirements of an environmentally-friendly golf course have been the focus of our management efforts. The course was originally built on a former gravel pit in 1979, meaning an ecological wasteland has been completely transformed and now contributes more value than ever towards the local eco system. In addition to the “golf only” land use, which accounts for less than 30% of the overall space, about 80,000 square metres of water surface and more than 200,000 square metres of wild and untouched grove and grassland was created. We were also able to establish a bird sanctuary with roughly 100,000 square metres of free and protected space. All of these features give today’s rarest animals and plants a safe environment to grow and reclaim their natural environment. With continuous development and replanting, our ecological concept thrives exponentially. In 2018 we also constructed our first “Insect Hotel”, a 3 by 4 meter space with everything valuable insects need as nourishment.

Back when the golf course was built in 1979, the management in charge had the goal of not only integrating the golf course into the natural surroundings, but also of creating a unique eco system where golf, people and nature are in balance. Today you can really feel that all replanting and work that was put in has really paid off. Our golf course is one of the most scenic and environmentally valuable in the region.

We have been a proud recipient of the “GOLF&NATUR GOLD ZERTIFIKAT” since 2009. The award is a quality management and sustainability certificate presented by the German Golf Association (DGV). Every two years, an auditor from the DGV joins us for an entire day to assess the current state of our golf course and all steps we can undertake to keep up with our action plan. New ideas regarding the development of even more measures that can be undertaken are gathered with the entire “Golf & Natur” Team for the coming two years.

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